According to “A standardized citation metrics author database annotated for scientific field” by Ioannidis et al. ( PLoS Biol 17(8): e3000384, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000384), N. T. Nguyen’s career rank is 13,509 out of 100,000 most cited scientists in the world. “This data base provides a measure of long-term performance, and for most living, active scientists. The ranking also reflects their career-long impact or is a very good approximation thereof”. For the year 2017 only, Prof. Nguyen ranks 4,594/100,000. “This data base provides a measure of performance in that single recent year. Therefore, it removes the bias that may exist in comparing scientists with long accrual of citations over many years of active work versus younger ones with shorter time frame during which they may accumulate citations because it focuses on citation accrual only during a single year.”

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