Nguyen ranked 2,511th in the 2023 Stanford’s world top 2% researcher’s list

The latest list of world top 2% researchers by Ioannidis et al. (DOI:10.17632/btchxktzyw.6) has been released. N. T. Nguyen was ranked 2,511 for output in 2022 and 5,940 in career-based ranking, improving from 8,115 in 2022. He ranked 89th in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. October 2023 data-update for “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators” […]

N. T. Nguyen ranks 4,594 out of 100,000 most-cited researchers of all fields

According to “A standardized citation metrics author database annotated for scientific field” by Ioannidis et al. ( PLoS Biol 17(8): e3000384, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000384), N. T. Nguyen’s career rank is 13,509 out of 100,000 most cited scientists in the world. “This data base provides a measure of long-term performance, and for most living, active scientists. The ranking also […]

Fine Art

Fine art menu was added to display some of N. T. Nguyen’s recent art works

Born In the Year of Tiger

The painting “Born in the Year of Tiger” will be exhibited at The Salon de Refusés (Petrie Terrace Gallery, 3/162 Petrie Terrace Brisbane) from 6th October to 6th November 2022 in conjunction with the Brisbane Portrait Prize.