Vivekananthan Balakrishnan

Thesis Title: Design, characterization and optimization of silicon carbide thermal sensors. Commenced 2016

Principal supervisor: Prof. Nam Trung Nguyen

Co-supervisor: Dr. Dzung Viet Dao

Key themes: Study of Segmented wires and thin film microheaters, Development of suitable analytical models, Novel thermal flow sensors for harsh environments

Jing Jin

Thesis Title: Coalescence of liquid marbles. Commence 2017

Principal supervisor: Prof. Nam Trung Nguyen

Co-supervisor: Dr. Dzung Dao

Key themes: Manipulation of liquid marbles; Coalescence of liquid marbles through vertical collision, liquid marble work as a novel digital microfluidic paltform

Sreejith K. R.

Thesis Title: Polymerase chain reaction using liquid marbles. Commenced 2018.

Principal supervisor: Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen

Co-supervisor: Dr. Dzung Dao

Key themes: Analytical modelling, simulation, and implementation of microreactors for biochemical reactions using liquid marbles. High throughput PCR platform using Liquid marbles.  Mechanical characterisation of liquid marbles.

Adrian Teo

Thesis Title: Active Droplet Control and Manipulation in Microfluidics. Commenced 2017

Principal supervisor: Dr. Say Hwa Tan

Co-supervisor: Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen

Key themes: Theoretical modeling of droplet generation and dynamics. Pressure driven flow for microfluidic applications. Utilization of negative pressure in droplet manipulation.

Nikhil Aravindakshan

Thesis title: Design, optimization and characterization of photonic crystal beads for environmental application. Commenced 2016

Principal supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Qin Li

Co-supervisors: Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen, Prof. Huijun Zhao, Prof. Dongyuan Zhao

Key themes: Fabrication of multilayered photonic beads, Investigating the optical properties of the hierarchical structure and understand the photon emission dynamics, Combining new composite materials to the hierarchical structures and optimizing them for efficiently utilizing full spectrum of solar energy for applications involving photovoltaics, photocatalysis and sensing.

Sharda Yadav

Thesis Title: Molecular diagnostics for glycosylated proteins and autoantibodies. Commenced 2016

Principal supervisor: Dr. Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky

Co-supervisor: Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen

Key themes: Measuring glycosylation in proteins and autoantibodies against them is of great interest to biology and medicine. Such information is extremely difficult to access via currently available conventional methodologies. Highly efficient analysis of glycosylated protein and autoantibodies can be achieved using electrochemical and microfluidics phenomenon.

Lena Gorgannezhad

Thesis Title: Beyond PCR and sequencing: A new method for real-time and label-free analysis of ctDNA. Commenced 2016

Principal supervisor: Dr. Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky

Co-supervisor: Prof. Nam Trung Nguyen

Key themes: Cancer detection, ctDNA


PhD students

  1. Dr. Munaz Ahmed PhD (co-supervisor, 2015-2018)
  2. Dr. Ripon Bhattacharjee PhD (co-supervisor, 2016-2018)
  3. Dr. Kseniia Boriachek PhD (co-supervisor, 2016-2018)
  4. Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam PhD (co-supervisor, 2016-2018)
  5. Dr. Harshad KAMBLE PhD (supervisor, 2015-2017) Production engineer, Bilba Group, Australia
  6. Dr. Raja VADIVELU (supervisor, 2013-2017) Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  7. Dr. Mei Kum KHAW (co-supervisor, 2013-2017) Assistant Professor, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia
  8. Dr. Toan DINH (supervisor, 2014-2017) Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  9. Dr. Majid HEJAZIAN (supervisor, 2014-2017) Research Fellow, La Trobe University, Australia
  10. Dr. Chin Hong OOI PhD (supervisor, 2014-2017) Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  11. Dr. PHAN Hoan Phuong PhD (supervisor, 2013-2015) Griffith Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  12. Dr. PHAN Dinh Tuan PhD (supervisor, 2011-2015) Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  13. Dr. HO Peng Ching PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011)  Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
  14. Dr. ZHU Guiping PhD (supervisor, 2009-2013) Associate Professor, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Nanjing, China (2009-2013)
  15. Dr. TOH Guek Geok Alicia  PhD (supervisor, 2010-2014) Senior Research Engineer, Agency for Science, Technology and Research A*STAR, Singapore
  16. Dr. KONG Tian Fook PhD (supervisor, 2010-2014) Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  17. Dr. Ranjini RADHAKRISHNAN (co-supervisor, 2008-2012) Research Fellow, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India
  18. Dr. Navid KASHANINEJAD PhD (co-supervisor, 2008-2012) Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  19. Dr. Sayed Ali MOUSAVI Shaegh PhD (supervisor, 2008-2012) Assistant Professor, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran
  20. Dr. XU Bin PhD (co-supervisor, 2008-2012) Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute @ NTU, Singapore
  21. Dr. CHE Zhizhao PhD (co-supervision, 2007-2011) Professor, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
  22. Dr. SONG Chaolong PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011) Professor, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China
  23. Dr. PHAN Vinh Nguyen PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011) Senior Product Development Engineer, Bosch Automotive R&D Center, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
  24. Dr. LI Aidan PhD (co-supervision, 2006-2010) Senior Research Scientist, Horizon Energy Systems, Singapore
  25. Dr. LIU Jing PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011) Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute @ NTU, Singapore
  26. Dr. JIAO Zhenjun PhD (supervisor, 2006-2008), Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
  27. Dr. Sun YI PhD (co-supervisor, 2005-2008), Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  28. Dr. WU Zhigang PhD (supervisor, 2001-2005), Distinguished Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China
  29. Dr. LUO Cheng PhD (supervisor, 2002-2005)

Master of Engineering students

  1. LUONG Trung Dung (supervisor, 2008-2011), Development engineer, GWF MessSysteme AG, Germany
  2. TAN Hsih Yin BEng (supervisor, 2008-2010), Research fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  3. TAN Say Hwa Patrick (supervisor, 2008-2010) ARC DECRA fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  4. Ali BEYZAVI (supervisor, 2006-2008) Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT
  5. TING Teck Hui (co-upervisor, 2005-2007) Metrology Engineer, Micron Technology, Singapore

Master of Science students

  1. YONG Kian Fei, Design of experiment (DOE) on printed flexible heaters and substrate materials (2008-2009)
  2. TAN Teck Choon, Handheld device development for microTAS (2005-2006)
  3. MECHERI Sathy Anarayanan Ashwin Microfluidic surface tension sensor (2005-2006)
  4. HO Peng Ching, BME/05/007 Modelling, fabrication and optical characterization of a polymeric micromixer based on serialsegmentation (2005-2006)
  5. BOSCO Monu, Analysis and Development of a polymeric continous DNA-amplifier (2002 -2003)