PhD Students

  1. Malekpour Galogahi, Fariba (supervisor, 2019-2022), Formation and characterisation of core-shell beads
  2. Vashi, Aditya Himanshubhai (supervisor, 2022-2024), Core-shell beads for biochemical applications
  3. Leung,Shui Cheung Edgar (co-supervisor with Qin Li, 2019-2002), Novel Advanced Oxidation Technologies for PFOS/PFOA Removal
  4. Nguyen,Hung Tuan (co-supervisor with Dzung Dao, 2019-2022), Optoelectromechanic effect in SiC for ultrahigh sensitive mechanical sensors
  5. Yadav, Ajeet Singh (co-supervisor with Chin Hong Ooi, 2022-2024), Gravity-assisted fabrication and actuation of liquid marbles
  6. Pande,Deeptee Chandrashekhar (co-supervisor with Bernd Rehm, 2019-2022), Development of a new biomaterials platform by combining biomimetics with microfluidics
  7. Cha, Haotian (co-supervisor with Jun Zhang, 2021-2024), Development of Innovative Inertial Microfluidic Technology for Cell Separation
  8. Hettiarachchi, Samith Piumal (co-supervisor with Jun Zhang, 2022-2024), Combination of inertial focusing & magnetophoresis for particle manipulation, focusing & separation
  9. Afridi, Waqar Ahmed (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2022-2024), Novel Microfluidics Device for Personalised Therapy Applications in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)
  10. Chakraborty, Moutoshi (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2021-2024), Discovery of RNA based biomarkers for efficient diagnosis of husk spot disease in macadamia
  11. Clack, Kimberley Adele (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2021-2023), Detecting gene mutation for the diagnosis and management of cancer
  12. Mahmudunnabi, Golam (supervisor, 2021-2023, co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky), Quantification of Alternative Splicing in RNA Molecules using RNA-Gold Affinity Interactions
  13. Nguyen, Minh Cong (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2021-2023), Development of wearable devices for sweat and interstitial fluid sensing
  14. Sallam, Mohamed (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2021-2023), Development of self-assembled multimodal hybrid biopolymer for targeted radionuclide theranostics
  15. Strachan, Simon Mark (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2021-2023), Developing an integrated device for on-farm detection of sugarcane diseases.
  16. Tanny, Tanzena (co-supervisor with Muhammed Shiddiky, 2021-2023), Development of an Integrated Device for the Analysis of Plant-Derived Exosomes and Exosomal microRNA
  17. Ali, Ghulam (co-supervisor with Faisal Mohd-Yasin, 2022-2024), Modelling of Noise in Piezoelectric MEMS devices
  18. Chen, Xiangxun (co-supervisor with Hang Ta, 2022-2024), Stimuli-Responsive Drug Delivery Nanosystem for Atherosclerosis and Thrombolysis
  19. Nepal, Akriti (co-supervisor with Hang Ta, 2021-2024), Hemostatic nanomaterials for emergency treatment of bleeding
  20. Perera, Weliwaththage Binura Ravin (co-supervisor with Hang Ta, 2021-2024), Nanomaterials to advance the treatment of atherosclerosis
  21. Luu, Cuong Hung (co-supervisor with Hang Ta, 2022-2024), Chitosan nanomaterials containing both ceria and iron oxide for theranostics of inflammatory disease
  22. Ouyang, Lingxi (co-supervisor with Hongjie An, 2021-2023), Size-controlled nanobubbles by super-fast laser pulse
  23. Hansen,Helena Hojen Worss Bronnum (co-supervisor with Hongjie An, 2021-2023), Applications of Nanobubbles in Biomedical Engineering
  24. Vu, Huy Hoang (co-supervision with Navid Kashaninejad), microstructured surface
  25. Tran, Duy Tuan (co-supervision witH Chin Hong Ooi), core-shell beads


PhD students

  1. Nhat-Khuong NGUYEN (co-supervisor, 2019-2022), Liquid marbles as chemical microreactors, Engineer, ANFF, Griffith University, Australia
  2. Pradip SINGHA (co-supervisor, 2019-2022), Fundamental properties of the liquid marble shell, Engineer, ANFF, Griffith University, Australia
  3. Dr. Hedieh FALLAHI (supervisor, 2019-2022), Engineer, Vaxxas Pt Ltd, Australia
  4. Dr. Surasak KASETSIRIKUL (supervisor, 2019-2022),  Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  5. Dr. Tuan Anh PHAM (supervisor, 2020-2022), Research Fellow, Michigan State University, USA
  6. Dr. Quan NGUYEN (co-supervisor, 2016-2021), Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  7. Dr. Narshone SODA (supervisor, 2017-2021), Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  8. Dr. Thanh NGUYEN (co-supervisor, 2018-2021),  Associate Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  9. Dr. Lena GORGANNEZHAD (supervisor, 2016-2020), Ellume, Australia.
  10. Dr. Jing Jin (supervisor, 2017-2020), Asssistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen campus, China
  11. Dr. Sreejith Kamalalayam RAJAN (supervisor, 2017-2020), Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  12. Dr. Nikhil ARAVINDAKSHAN (co-supervisor, 2015-2019)
  13. Dr. Adrian TEO (supervisor, 2016-2019), Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  14. Dr. Sharda YADAV (supervisor, 2016-2019), Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  15. Dr. Vivekananthan BALAKRISHNAN (supervisor, 2016-2019), Project Manager, Aim Medical Pty Ltd, Australia
  16. Dr. Munaz AHMED PhD (supervisor, 2015-2018), Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  17. Dr. Ripon BHATTACHARJEE PhD (co-supervisor, 2016-2018), Process Operator, Silicona Battery Technologies, Wollongong, Australia
  18. Dr. Kseniia BORIACHEK PhD (co-supervisor, 2016-2018), Research Fellow, EPFL, Switzerland
  19. Dr. Md. Nazmul ISLAM PhD (co-supervisor, 2016-2018), Lecturer, Teesside University, UK
  20. Dr. Harshad KAMBLE PhD (supervisor, 2015-2017) Production engineer, Bilba Group, Australia
  21. Dr. Raja VADIVELU (supervisor, 2013-2017) JSPS Fellow, University of Tokyo, Japan
  22. Dr. Mei Kum KHAW (co-supervisor, 2013-2017) Assistant Professor, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia
  23. Dr. Toan DINH (supervisor, 2014-2017) ARC DECRA Fellow, Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  24. Dr. Majid HEJAZIAN (supervisor, 2014-2017) Research Fellow, La Trobe University, Australia
  25. Dr. Chin Hong OOI PhD (supervisor, 2014-2017) ARC DECRA Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  26. Dr. PHAN Hoan Phuong PhD (supervisor, 2013-2015) ARC DECRA Fellow, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wale, Australia
  27. Dr. PHAN Dinh Tuan PhD (supervisor, 2011-2015) Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, USA
  28. Dr. HO Peng Ching PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011)  Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
  29. Dr. ZHU Guiping PhD (supervisor, 2009-2013) Associate Professor, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Nanjing, China
  30. Dr. TOH Guek Geok Alicia  PhD (supervisor, 2010-2014) Senior Research Engineer, Agency for Science, Technology and Research A*STAR, Singapore
  31. Dr. KONG Tian Fook PhD (supervisor, 2010-2014) Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  32. Dr. Ranjini RADHAKRISHNAN (co-supervisor, 2008-2012) Research Fellow, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India
  33. Dr. Navid KASHANINEJAD PhD (co-supervisor, 2008-2012) ARC DECRA Fellow, Griffith University, Australia
  34. Dr. Sayed Ali MOUSAVI Shaegh PhD (supervisor, 2008-2012) Assistant Professor, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran
  35. Dr. XU Bin PhD (co-supervisor, 2008-2012) Associate Professor, Energy Research Institute @ NTU, Singapore
  36. Dr. CHE Zhizhao PhD (co-supervision, 2007-2011) Professor, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
  37. Dr. SONG Chaolong PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011) Professor, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China
  38. Dr. PHAN Vinh Nguyen PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011) Senior Product Development Engineer, Bosch Automotive R&D Center, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam
  39. Dr. LI Aidan PhD (co-supervision, 2006-2010) Senior Research Scientist, Horizon Energy Systems, Singapore
  40. Dr. LIU Jing PhD (supervisor, 2007-2011) Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute @ NTU, Singapore
  41. Dr. JIAO Zhenjun PhD (supervisor, 2006-2008), Professor , Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), China
  42. Dr. Sun YI PhD (co-supervisor, 2005-2008), Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  43. Dr. WU Zhigang PhD (supervisor, 2001-2005), Distinguished Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China
  44. Dr. LUO Cheng PhD (supervisor, 2002-2005)

Master of Engineering students

  1. LUONG Trung Dung (supervisor, 2008-2011), Development engineer, GWF MessSysteme AG, Germany
  2. TAN Hsih Yin BEng (supervisor, 2008-2010), Research fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  3. TAN Say Hwa Patrick (supervisor, 2008-2010)
  4. Ali BEYZAVI (supervisor, 2006-2008) Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT
  5. TING Teck Hui (co-upervisor, 2005-2007) Metrology Engineer, Micron Technology, Singapore

Master of Science students

  1. YONG Kian Fei, Design of experiment (DOE) on printed flexible heaters and substrate materials (2008-2009)
  2. TAN Teck Choon, Handheld device development for microTAS (2005-2006)
  3. MECHERI Sathy Anarayanan Ashwin Microfluidic surface tension sensor (2005-2006)
  4. HO Peng Ching, BME/05/007 Modelling, fabrication and optical characterization of a polymeric micromixer based on serialsegmentation (2005-2006)
  5. BOSCO Monu, Analysis and Development of a polymeric continous DNA-amplifier (2002 -2003)